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StarKatz Photography is a Sydney based,  mobile
photography unit that comes to you,  whether it’s
newborn portraits you’re looking for, picturesque child
portraits, location or in the home or office, we  ensure
these memories will be treasured for many years to

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 No newborn baby is forced into any uncomfortable situation their safety is our highest priority. Unlike others, we do NOT believe in using any flash on newborn portraiture.

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Wedding Photography Melbourne Information From Nova

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Couples that are planning a wedding will want to order wedding photography Melbourne area to preserve wonderful memories of the special day. Digital or print photos, a video or audio recording of the ceremony, and imprinted wedding images on commemorative memorabilia are creative ways to maintain wedding joy for years to come. What kind of wedding pictures are best?

Pre-wedding preparations.

Many brides want to include an array of preparation pictures in their wedding album. Wedding photography Melbourne professionals are happy to accompany the bride and groom to various locations to capture special moments representing their courtship and engagement before the big day. For example, the park where they first kissed, the beach where they confessed their mutual love, and the restaurant where the proposal took place make wonderful additions to the album as a preview of the celebration to come.

On the day of the wedding, wedding photographer Melbourne – pros can also take natural shots of the bride’s and groom’s preparations for the ceremony in the dressing room while waiting for the service to begin.

Wedding ceremony.

The entire ceremony from start to finish can be recorded in photos or as a video, from the seating of the guests to the bridal procession and their union by a clergy member or civic official. Their pronouncement as husband and wife along with the recessional and receiving line, if there is one, will be added to the collection, if desired.


Guest and bridal party arrivals at the reception are popular images captured by wedding photography Melbourne experts. Images of the head table, seated guests, food service, the cake, DJ, rituals like the garter toss and cake cutting are the types of pictures often requested by the couple. Video recordings of the toasts, speeches, and dancing are also frequently sought.

As the reception winds down and the couple prepares to leave for their honeymoon, the wedding photography Melbourne photography and assistant will want to get shots of the bride and groom leaving for their honeymoon in a decorated car or perhaps a taxi, depending on their destination. A final wave and blown kisses may close out the session.

Images like these are priceless. Wedding photography Melbourne keeps the couple’s flame of love alive for years to come for all to share.